Support for News Media


Enki Operations and Enki Research have extensive experience in working with the news media, including print, video, and web.  Enki can provide both graphics and intelligence to support breaking news events worldwide, specializing in both natural and man-made disasters, and global conflicts. 

Enki staff have conducted live and taped interviews from our R&D facility in Savannah, Georgia, as well as studio and field shots on topics ranging from space technology (including extensive work explaining the Columbia Disaster and issues surrounding the return to flight), hurricanes and natural disasters, the technological aspects of weapons of mass destruction and conflicts, the financial impacts of disasters and terrorism, and other complex issues at the intersection of science, technology, policy, and the environment. 

Commentary on real time events is available on our blog:

In addition to interviews and background, Enki Operations offers a subscription service providing real time natural hazards impact estimation and commentary specifically tailored for journalists. For more information, contact Chuck Watson at 1.912.398.9753.